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"eTranslate continues to be in the forefront of eBusiness Globalization and leads in the industry in developing innovation language solutions"


They don’t call it the World Wide for nothing. The Web’s incredible ability to deliver information and resources to all corners of the globe gives businesses access to new markets and big opportunities. Or that’s the idea, anyway. By Singapore Wave – infocomm news from IDA (


For the 3rd consecutive year, eTranslate won the Multicultural Marketing Award. The company has developed a unique model to attract and direct multilingual users to specific sites. By The Australian, 21st November 2001


This Melbourne-based company is helping businesses communicate with the wide web world. By Keith Shipton


Acknowledging the rise in non-English speaking Websites, Internet Names WorldWide plans to launch a service for domain names using Asian and European character sets.


Australia's first multilingual portal wins the Ethnic Affairs Commission's 1999 Multicultural Marketing Award.


4 Effective Ways for Planning and Deploying a Multilingual Web Sites - A look at multilingual Web content management system.


Presentation by Wayne Tseng CEO,, to the Openroad conference, October 2000.


Translating information on the Web takes more than just transposing words into another language. By Adam Turner.


The rapid growth of non-English speaking Internet users forces a rethink for Australian e-commerce suppliers.


As the Internet seeps irrepressibly into every cultural and linguistic nook and cranny on the planet, the idea of a dominant language for the digital age is looking more like an anachronism.By David Binning


Australian companies talk about the impact of the multilingual internet for Government Organisations and Businesses with international interests..