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“eTranslate actively seeks investors to join a growing company with huge potential”

The market for eTranslate's products is optimistic. In fact, it is just at the infancy of the product life cycle. According to ABI, the current market for localization is valued at $14 billion. In a recent study by IDC globalization vendors reported that customers are expecting an ROI of between 25 and 150 percent in the first year when they apply multilingual content management systems to the localization process. That figure can increase to 500 percent in subsequent years.

"Even in these challenging economic times we have already received a tremendous amount of interest in our eBusiness Globalisation services" said Managing Director of eTranslate. "Our investors not only understand the need for our products but they also realize that our newest software is superior to others in the industry because of our years of experience in delivering localization services. eTranslate's localization software suite is the only product to completely address the needs of everyone involved in the localization process. By implementing the suite, our clients will achieve a significant ROI through cost savings and dramatically improve the quality of their localization efforts. "

eTranslate was formed in 1994 and since then as a maintained a strong business over the years with positive growth and good profits.

We are actively seeking investor to join a growing company. Cash investor is sought after in return for equity and a position on the board. eTranslate guarantees a minimum of 10% return for the next two years. The Board of Directors has such confidence in eTranslate performance, that should eTranslate fails to deliver the 10% return, the investor will be receive a remittance equal to the shortfall of the dividend received.

In 2003, eTranslate has expanded from Australia to Singapore, Hong Kong Japan, China and the rest of the Asia Pacific. We project the revenue will increase by 50% in 2003/2004 and our net worth will increased by 80%.

eTranslate is an Australia company trading for close to 10 years trading with solid track record. Our clients are some of the biggest global companies. We strongly believe by investing at eTranslate, business migrants would have the pre-requisites they need to assist them in seeking approval for the migration status.

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