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Language Copywriting Services

Translation alone can only mirror the exact meaning of the source (original) word for word or sentence for sentence. As the original text was written for English audience, the expression, style and how information is presented target the English speaking audience. Different cultural audience model and express information differently, so translation alone can not mirror the same marketing pitch or the under laying message design to influence the readers. This is where language copywriting comes in.

Language copywriting aims to creatively write the language content that not only captures the exact meaning of the text, but also the expression, style and the under laying messages design to influence to reader. eTranslate has a panel of language copywriters covering 80 languages across 200 cultures with extensive experience in writing marketing materials and corporate literatures.

Service Description
Language Copywriting Services - Our language copywriting service is delivered according to a brief. We will work with our client to develop a brief that reflects their corporate requirement and the cultural nuances of their target audience. Our language copywriters then write according to the brief, performing any required research and cultural verification.

The initial draft is presented to our client with the copywriter explaining the structure of the text, any assumptions made and how the messages are expressed. Our client has an opportunity to review this with their in market office staff or selected reviewers. We will collate and review the feedback to determine the edits required. Once the edits are complete, we will go through a final review process before obtain a sign off (approved) from our client.

The approved deliverable is published in the required format (e.g. brochure or Web site) before the final review is performed.

Our Client
Clients includes: NVIDIA, Qantas Airways, Gapbuster, Jetstar, Unilodge, Tourism Victorian, Tourism New Zealand and Singapore Tourism Board

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