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Software Localization

If your company produces software to market to overseas clients, you may perhaps consider the language options for your software to adopt. Software localization is a very important step for the success of product localization. What it means is to translate your software into the language of your preference. Localization involves making adjustments to the design and code base of your application so that your software can support the many requirements for non-English languages.

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Many countries use different coding practices than those used in English speaking countries. For example, China, Japan, and Korea use double-byte character sets, while (example) Australia uses a single-byte character set (ASCII). To support the non single-byte environment as well as various other requirements for international languages, many changes in the code are necessary. These include modifying the encoding method, text direction, linguistic boundaries, wrapping and justification, font, and sorting.

The goal of software localization is not just to produce one single translated version of the software, but to empower the software development team with the infrastructure, methodology and language /cultural expertise to be able to:

We have localization engineers at each local operating office who have helped many clients localize their software applications. These engineers analyse your software code and then implement the necessary changes or provide recommendations for the changes needed.

There are two stages to software localization:

  1. he actual localization which involves the re-engineering of the software to separate strings, data handling routines, validation and error messages into a resource repository ready for localization and;
  2. The localization process which involves the translation of the text and insertion of local business data that is necessary to create a language /market variant of the software.

Naturally, there are a number of changes to existing software development and translation methods to achieve the outcomes listed. eTranslate is well placed to provide the consultancy and coaching to deploy these processes. This is often performed through a proof of concept exercise.


Multicultural Advertising

eTranslate has proven track record in delivering cost effective and creative multicultural advertising strategies. Our focus is to maximise results from our client's advertisement investment. This is achieve through extensive market research, creative thinking, evaluating and selecting the right media and market monitoring.

Our knowledge and experience of ethnic media our knowledge of th consumer behaviours of the multicultural communities enables us to accurate target the selected market segments, this gives our client a higher return on their advertising spend.


Translation & Development of Language Materials

eTranslate employs the services of NAATI accredited translator the development and quality assurance of our language materials.
We cater over 120 languages across 200 cultures.

Where there is a language not covered by NAATI accredited. eTranslate can provide the equivalent accredited translators.

All our work goes through a three point check quality assurance process.

Direct Marketing

eTranslate direct marketing expertises offers creative, practical and effective communication strategies to enable our clients to direct secure value multicultural market segments.

We have access to numerous databases and can provide analysis to identify the relavant segments to target.

We develop creative concepts that establish relevance and generate positve responses.

eTranslate understand the needs of the multicultural consumers and assist companies to develop methods to secure these customers and their loyalty.

Ethnic Media Monitoring

With over 200 ethnic media publication in Australia. eTranslate can help you to get an insight into the view of our multicultural audience.

eTranslate’s Ethnic Media Monitoring Services can provide you with a tailored service package to address your organization needs.

Our services package include:



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Multicultural and
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eTranslate has received a number of awards and accolades