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Testing and Quality Assurance

The Global QA Testing Challenge
eTranslate thoroughly understands international Quality Assurance (QA). Our experience includes work for clients such as Adobe and IBM.

Our expert testing staff and three, fully-outfitted testing labs can augment existing QA departments and reduce overhead.

Through our certification level testing in over 20 languages for over 50 countries, we enable our customers to expand globally while minimizing the risk, burden and cost of internal QA support.

Whether it is Internationalization Testing or Localization Testing, our objective is to provide scaleable and repeatable solutions tailored to a company’s specific QA needs.

International Certification Testing (ICT)
Many companies support international customers but for various reasons do not translate their product. However, language translation does not represent the only international requirement. International products must support additional criteria such as:

ICT focuses on functional testing and verification of a products compliance with international requirements. Our experienced QA engineers will develop or augment your test plan to ensure complete coverage.

Localization Certification Testing (LCT)
LCT is specifically applied to products that have been translated. eTranslate has a seasoned resource base with expertise in testing client applications, client/server applications and complex technologies in over 20 languages. LCT focuses on validating international functionality as well as the presentation of the rendered language. LCT is typically offered in the following scenarios:


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