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email Translation

Business Correspondence Translation
Having a multilingual website will automatically mean that non-English speaking Internet users will be visiting your website and would like to perhaps contact you for further information on your business offerings.

This fast, efficient medium gives you the ability to communicate with customers, corporate partners and colleagues around the globe. However, with all the advantages, having language as the barrier to communicating with them will not let you realise the greater opportunities for your business.

Given this the case, you may receive emails in the language that you may not understand. Therefore, the need for email translations is your primary concern.

eTranslate understands that business correspondences via emails need to be adhered quickly and accurately.

Our accredited translators can translate these materials within a short timeframe whilst maintaining the quality so that none of the content is misunderstood.

Our process for translating your business correspondences will have to depend on the frequency of your emails. eTranslate has customised packages for businesses with different needs.

We have daily, weekly, fortnightly, etc. services. Depending on your requirements, we can reach a mutual agreement to have your business correspondences in the language your clients, business partners and colleagues understand.

Upon bridging the language gap, your:

Email Translation Services

At a Glance
As companies begin to develop their international online presence, they will begin to receive enquiries in languages other than English. Unless they are internally staff with bi-lingual speaking staff, they will need to source a reliable language support in real time to their online communications.

eTranslate offers a proven language solution to support email and online correspondence.

Our real time email translation services performed by professional translators working across our translation gateway which enables our clients to respond to their international customers in their own language.

If you required language support for your online correspondence, there are two modes to this service.

Mode 1 - Basic Email Translation Services
This is designed for adhoc usage and on a pay as you go basis.

The process is simple. Every time you receive a piece of correspondence, you email it to us via a dedicated email address.
We will note that receipt of the email and respond back within the agreed time (eg 2-3 hour turnaround time)
We will log all request and bill you at the end of the month and our payment terms is 14 days.
There is a minimum cost per per email for up to 100 words and then a fixed rate per word thereafter.
To proceed, we will need raise a service agreement with your organisation to ensure that we provide this service to you exclusively for the agreed period.

Mode 2 - Automated Email Translation Services (translated by human)
This is designed for clients with large volume of emails requiring translation with at least 100 email translation request each month

The process involve the use of a special email gateway server where all incoming and outgoing multilingual email are routed, eTranslate human translators, on the other side of the gateway server picks up the translation, translate it and send it to the intended recipient in the target language. To the internal receiver, the ultimate email received will be the source language and English translation. To the external recipient of the email which is sent by the internal sender, the email will contain the original English source and the translation in the recipient language.

This streamline the whole tracking process and does not required any one to track and manual route the email translation request to eTranslate.
There is a setup cost for the service and the fixed cost for each email for up to 100 words and then a fixed rate for each word thereafter. Again, you will need to request for at least 100 emails per month.
Our recommendation for you is Mode 1.

To proceed, we will need to raise a simple service level agreement with you which ensures that eTranslate is exclusively for this service for an agreed period of time. The minimum period is 3 months.


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