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eTranslate recognised that each industry has its own unique language requirements. We have developed unique solutions for each industry. Some of these solutions includes:

Solution for Export & Tourism Businesses

eTranslate's combined IT, language and emarketing expertise allows us to develop unique solutions for tourism and export business to use the Internet to reach out and secure overseas customers. This involve the development of a multilingual Web site showing the business and its product offerings, provide a multilingual feedback mechanism and promote the site on language search engines to attract overseas customers.

Solution for Government to provide equity and access

eTranslate is a multicultural communication and multicultural IT specialists, which provides innovative ways for our clients to conduct their multicultural campaigns utilising the emerging media like Internet and mobile phones.

Solution for International Companies to deploy World Wide sites

eTranslate is an eBusiness globalization specialists that empowers organisation with technological and language solutions to deploy cost effective worldwide sites and respond rapidly to in country market needs.

Solution for Software Developers to localise and market their software

eTranslate is a Software internationalization and eBusiness Globalization company. We specialise in empowering organisations to internationalise their products and reach out to secure overseas customers. We provided services to a number of organisations including Adobe Systems, IBM (Lotus), MultiEmedia and many other companies to globalise their software and marketing their product overseas.

World Wide Sites Development

eTranslate is an organization that empowers organisation with the total technology, language and marketing solution to develop cost effective World Wide Sites that succeed in reaching out and securing international audience.
More than 50% of the Internet users are non-English speaking. In order to be gain competitive edge and secure global business, it is important to localize your web site by creating the World Wide Sites.