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eTranslate Weblog Application (eT Weblog)

eTranslate provides a unique Weblog application for organizations that seek to host their own Weblog application. eT Weblog comes with a wealth of features that ease the administration and do not require IT knowledge in supporting the application.
eT Weblog comes as open source and has extensive flexibility in terms of integration to other applications. eTranslate will provide full end to end support and full customisation services. eT Weblog is the only solution in the marketplace that offers full customization support.


  • Visual Editor
  • Entries Statistics
  • Threaded Comments
  • Multiple Categories of Content
  • Comment moderation
  • Dynamic caching
  • Search Engine friendly URLs
  • Administration tools
  • RSS feeds enabled
  • Internationalised for foreign languages

On a business level a website blog adds value to the company in many ways:

  • Builds a community
  • Improves search engine visibility
  • Provides content for the website
  • Provides a tool to get information quickly to customers
  • Gets feedback from customers
  • Helps increase sales

Online Demonstration

For a demonstration, please visit
At the bottom right there is a link to the admin area:
- Username: admin
- Password: admin

Levels of Customisation

eTranslate can provide extensive services for eT Weblog customisation:
Level 1 – user interfaces, glossary and branding
Level 2 – changes in layout, entries format, grouping, sorting, searching and reporting
Level 3 – change in administration features, workflow and integration to other applications

Business Benefits

eT Weblog offers all the benefits of a hosted solution to organizations that seeks to host their own blogs. This brings the best of both models and enables companies to save on their cost of operation while delivering a continuous service.
Companies will enjoy less dependency on IT and more creative input from its administrative and operation support.

Technical features

  • Organisable into categories – group your weblog entries by topic
  • Robust Editing Interface. Featuring an (optional) WYSIWYG editor, easily browsable image manager, extended entry support and entries statistics
  • Threaded comments, Nested categories and posting to multiple categories are supported
  • Content archive – monthly searchable archives of older content
  • Data Import/Export – Easy migration of content from and to other weblogs via RSS, Movable Type or other common formats. Media repository – add images, videos, PDFs and other files to your weblog for download by the visitors
  • Embedded calendar – Yearly calendar browsable by the user to view weblog entries by date
  • Comment moderation. You can enable automatted comment moderation based on the content of a comment. Highly configurable.
  • Support for XML-RPC Editing. Support for both the Movable Type and Blogger XML-RPC APIs
  • Dynamic. No need to wait while the weblogging system regenerates pages. Caching is dynamically managed. Optional advanced URL rewriting rules are available
  • Multiple Users. Multiple users can edit and administrate the weblog
  • Internationalized. Weblog interface is available in English, Chinese, French and many other languages
  • Skinable. Templates can easily be added. Several templates are included by default. Maintainers of the blog are able to change the layout on-the-fly if you use the template-dropdown plugin
  • Standards Compliant. The software supports XHTML 1.1, CSS 2.0, RSS 0.93, 1.0, and 2.0. Supports conditional GET for caching RSS feeds on the client-side
  • Shared library. You can use Weblog as a single installation to serve multiple weblogs, but only maintaining a single installation
  • Flexible Input/Output. Choose between HTML, WYSIWYG and/or BBCode markup. For both users and editors

Technical Specification

The system is built in PHP and resides in either a Unix/Linux server or a Windows server with PHP sup
  • Apache Webserver
  • PHP Version 4 or greater (PHP 4.3.1 or greater recommended)
  • One of the following database engines:
  • - MySQL
    - PostGreSQL
    Recommended hardware:
    The system will run smoothly on all modern hosting server hardware. A sample commercially available server would include CPU Pentium 2+ Ghz, 512+ MB RAM, 100 GB HDD, Ethernet 100Mbps.

    Maintenance and Support

    eTranslate can provide full comprehensive support and maintenance to ensure a continuous operation of the blogs at their peak performance.
    eTranslate provides three levels of support:
    Level 1 – Webmaster support on the user of the system, user guidance
    Level 2 – Support in troubleshooting and work around solutions
    Level 3 – Software changes to address issues
    Hours of support:
    Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm (email and phone)
    Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 5pm (email)


    Software License:
    US$2,500 (per server – unlimited users)
    US$5,500 (across multiple servers – unlimited users)
    Maintenance : US$ 3,500 per annum

    Customisation and Development:
    Customisation : US$99 per hour
    Development : US$ 120 per hour