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Translation/Localization meets Automation at eTranslate. Translation has traditionally being a manual intensive exercise attracting high cost of development and updates. eTranslate employs translation management facility that automates many manual processes in translation and enables short turnaround time and lower cost of translation. Our translation management facility tracks the impact of your translations from changes in your source text, so only the effected text needs to be re-translated.

eTranslate also develops a number of language technologies that enables cost effective localizations.

Our Translation Management System enables Web site owners to cost effective deploy multilingual and worldwide (international) sites. The Translation Management System compliments an existing content management system and provides the extended workflow to facilitate the process of translation and publishing of language content. It is a highly demanded application that has empowered over 200 international companies to develop cost effective international sites.

Our Multilingual Content Management enables Web developer needing to develop a multilingual Web site from start to have an infrastructure to enable the rapid deployment of English and language sites with full content management tools to manage a responsive Web site.

Our Software Globalization Suite provides a set of powerful utilities to assist software developer in preparing their software applications for translation. The suite comes with an online methodology guide for developer to structure their software for international support and techniques on how to maintain their language versions through software upgrades.

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    Excellent servies of translations.

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